Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fresh From The Garden ~ Kellie Wachter

Here is my latest effort at making mini food. I think it turned out pretty well. I used Angie Scarr's methods for the most part with a few improvisations of my own along the way. I made this and others like it for a long distance swap that I belong to and for a mini gift exchange for my local miniature guild. I hope none of them visit the blog for a little while and spoil their surprise!


smehreen said...

:D...we wouldn't want to ruin their surprise either!

How did you make the onions? I love the color gradations and the translucence in the skin.

Kellie said...

Thanks Sumaiya,

I made the onions using the method in Angie Scarr's book "Making Miniature food and Market Stalls" Basically, I made a thin sheet of stripy onion skin clay by layering different colors, slicing and layering over and over again and then rolling it out thin, being carefull to maintain the vertical stripe. Wrap this thin stripy clay around a cylinder of pale translucent onion color clay and reduce it to the appropriate size. If your stripey clay was rolled thin enough when you wrapped the pale cylinder the translucence will be evident when you reduce the cane. Angie's onions are exquisite! Maybe I will get there too someday!

milo said...

love the onions too :)
and also those tiny mushrooms!