Thursday, May 8, 2008

Miniature Food in Scenes

Hi all! This blog is such a great idea! There is something fascinating about food - in miniature. It's amazing to see the detail some people can get in their dollhouse foods, to the point of making it so real you wish you could take a bite!

I'm enjoying seeing the work so far. To start off, I wanted to include a couple food-related photos, items and foods I've used in scenes. Nothing makes a room or scene come to life more than adding all the details, such as silverware, boxes, plates, dishes, etc.

What better way to herald summer than a picnic scene? I received the above summer favorites in a past swap with the Miniature Eats and Treats Yahoo group. I made the potato salad. This is one of my favorites.

Another project I enjoyed was making my Teapot Shoppe tearoom. It contains teapots and cakes made by Kitty Balke and myself. Some were bought. The tea setting on the table is from Unbeeweeable.

The most fun was color-coordinating and planning everything in the tea room. This table is one of my favorite items, with the cakes by my friend, Kitty, boxes and tea items from Lisa's Little Things and the plates from Unbeweevable. I made the tea displays and the jar of loose tea. I bought the urn from the UK on eBay.

Christine Verstraete - - Coming July '08: "Searching For A Starry Night" - A nosy Dachshund, a family curse... Can Sam find the missing miniature Van Gogh in time?


smehreen said...

Dear Chris: I adore the potato salad with the halved eggs! The BBQ chicken looks very spicy! :)

milo said...

Love the picnic scene but most of all the teashop setting. I know what you mean - after all these years it's still exciting to see a scene come alive detail by detail.