Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chilies, Cabbages and Corn... Oh my!

We are expecting some visitors this weekend, Some dear old friends from our days in The Netherlands. I could not be more pleased that they are coming but it does mean my work room will be converted to a guest room for the next few weeks. I guess that is why I have been on a creative kick for the last several days...trying to get it out of my system I suppose. Its worked too. If I don't make another tiny chili pepper for a good long while it will suit me just fine. I must say though, that I am pleased with my new ristra, and as a symbol of hospitality in my native Southwest, it seems a fitting project to work on before our guests arrive.

Poor Sumaiya, I have been ranting on and on about my cabbages and she has tolerated it with her customary grace. She finally suggested in her gentle way that I should post it on the blog. I have decided to join IGMA and in time, submit some of my things for Artisan consideration. I desparately don't want to send in anything too soon, before its of the necessary caliber, so I welcome all critiques, but am particularly interested to hear from others who have submitted work to the IGMA. Just a note on the corn, it was my first stab at it. It still needs some refinement, but I think I am on the right track! What do ya'll think?


smehreen said...

Kellie Dearest! :D
That is one amazing cabbage! You are right...the photo probably doesn't do it justice. From the photo, it looks like the veins are not only painted, but also seem to have a dimensional texture. Are they raised? I love how the color shifts from pale green to the purple tones. And how did you make the corn silk?
This was my novice attempt at critiquing. I am no expert, but if this quality of work doesn't get you in IGMA, I would be surprised indeed!
Love and hugs,

Kellie said...

You do have such a keen eye Sumaiya, the veins are indeed raised and I am pleased that you noticed it, and am encouraged by your feedback. I have not quite gotten the corn silk worked out, Its still on the drawing board. I am open to ideas if anybody has any. I made the husks usuing cold porcelain. It is marvelous stuff.

Kiva said...

Thank you for featuring my Mediterranean food, Sumaiya! I also wanted to echo what those above me said: your attention to detail is very keen. Great job!!


Kellie said...

Thanks Kiva! As anyone who has seen your work knows your standards are quite high, so it is a real feather in my cap to have your seal of approval!

Amanda said...

I think it's wonderful, Kellie! Really well done. Realistic and beautiful.

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I am the proud owner of that cabbage now, by the way!!! :D Kellie, I love you to pieces!