Friday, July 4, 2008

New Cakes!

I'm hooked on miniature cakes! I recently got some unique cakes from Katie, who does a fun blog about her clay and miniatures at Katie's Clay Corner.

I have to share a couple of the new cakes Katie made of Fimo clay, as they're quite different than any I've seen.

The calla lily cake is astounding!

The yellow cake is a Wedding Dress cake.

I love the neon, bright colors in the pumpkin cake also. Neat, huh?


Amanda said...

Wow! She makes some great cakes. I'd hardly have known that fondant was clay! Yummy!

smehreen said...

Thanks for sharing Katie's blog! I spent a nice chunk of my morning reading the entries! :)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

OH WOW!!! Thanks for the blog about my cakes!! And thanks for the GREAT comments!! BTW~ Chris, you did a great job photographing them!! Thank-you!!