Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Olive oil & olives!

As summer is finally mini thoughts have turned to long hot days, cicadas chirping & what I'd like to eat sitting outside with a glass of chilled white wine enjoying the sunset!! I'm a complete dreamer!! In the NE of England we don't get too many evenings like that!! is a display of virgin olive oil & olives with a mouthwatering selection of fresh seafood & bread to eat drizzled with the oil...all I need now is the weather to go with it....I guess we can't have everything!!


smehreen said...

I love the olive oil! Do you use real oil for this? I read somewhere that baby oil can be used to create liquids in mini food scenes.

linsminis said...

No, although I have thought about it! I'm just a little worried that the oil would eventually go "off" or even worse slowly evaporate away! It's made with good old resin!