Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seafood Season ~ Kiva Atkinson

A few of my favorite seafood selections by artist Kiva Atkinson, IGMA Artisan and CDHM member. The platter above is piled high with seafood on ice: crab, oysters, baby squid, Pilchards, and a stowaway hermit crab!

Steamed lobster on a platter with drawn butter and lemon! A glass of white wine completes the meal.

Calamari stuffed with red pepper and herbs drizzled in olive oil.

Oysters Rockefeller made with spinach and cheese, baked and presented on rock salt.

Mussels, broiled to a dark deliciousness.

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miniaturist59 said...

Awww, you are a sweetie ;)! Thank you!! you're miniatures are looking great too!! Very cool blog, I'm really enjoying it!