Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My first post! ~ Petite Framboise

Waffer cookies and Ice cream!
Also made the plate, the ice cream bowl and the spoon ;)



smehreen said...

I want ice cream!!! By the way, I saw on your blog that you make your own spoons. What material do you use for the spoons?

Joana said...

Hello Smehreen!!
Glad you liked the ice cream!
I use tin for the spoons, For me it has a nice flexibility for small things... I have another metallic foil that is harder and thicker but I simply can't do anything "big" with it, imagine miniatures LOOL

miniaturist59 said...

This is absolutely smashing!! Excellent job, with everything- I am so impressed with the fact that you made your own plate and spoon as well- brava!!


Joana said...

Thanks a lot Kiva !! :D
So happy that you liked it!!

Christel said...

Hi Joana

I could eat this all day!! Its amazingly sweet. Great job on the texture on those wafers:)

Chris V. said...

Cool! That sure looks yummy! The texture on that wafer is amazing and love the color contrast with the plate.

elis said...

Your waffer cookies are *****.

Amanda said...

I love your stuff, Joana! Wow!

Joana said...

Thanks so much Christel, Chris, Elis and Amanda!:D
I just can't get enough of everybody's nice words!:p

Ana said...

Let me see....HUmmmmm. I love your Ice cream, your Waffer cookies. But I really, really love your cream. The texture and shape.
What material do you use for the cream?


Joana said...

Hi Ana! I use an acrylic modeling paste, and I add some talcum powder for extra texture.
***********Thank you so much for the nice words!