Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some Halloweenish things

Hey everyone! Halloween is coming up and I thought I'd share some of my weirder things. I make quite alot of weird things all year round ;-). I made the spud heads in July and the tutorial for making them will be in Dollhouse Miniatures magazine in October. I have a blast with these!



Cindy said...

Unbelievable talent. I'm amazed!

miniaturist59 said...

Thank you so much!!! I love making these little guys ;)

Joana said...

Kiva your work is so amazing!
I laughed so much with those veggies and oysters! It's the realism combined with the expressions... If there were any "living" potatoes they'd be just like yours! :p

smehreen said... all of them, I love best the one with the tongue sticking out! seems to be the craziest of them all :D

Chris V. said...

haaa! Love them! why do the clams look like olives to me?

tonyina said...

nice !!!!! original!
I love, happiness

miniaturist59 said...

Thanks you guys!! I get a little carried away when I hit upon a "theme". Yes, the tongue seems to make an appearance in nearly every batch, lol!

Amanda said...

I always love your stuff with faces! It was such a weird coincidence, I worked for hours trying to figure out how to put faces on potatoes and then a few days later, after I had finished, I saw your tutorial in the magazine! BWAH! I sure coulda used that earlier!!! :D Great stuff, Kiva!

Ana said...


Your work is incredible. It is very good and very creative.


miniaturist59 said...

Thanks so much guys!! Amanda, lol!! I haven't seen the mag yet- I'm always the last to get a copy! Whenever there's a Halloween issue coming out, they ask me to make something wacky. I thought this would be better than the extracted teeth or something ;)! Thanks again everyone!