Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pink Delights

Hi everyone!

I was lately very busy with pink and brown items!
Here are a selection of what I made!
First a cute tea time tray with two cake slices, it's available on ebay

And here a simple cupcake board:

You can see more on my flickr or in my etsy shop, or also on my website!



smehreen said...

Simply adorable! My favorites are the cookies and the piece of cake with the flower on top! :D

Stephanie said...

thanks smehreen ^^ I still hope that the bids will get high, it's a test on ebay, I put the tray on 0.99 pounds, and now I'm waiting :D

smehreen said...

Is it a private auction? I can access the auction only through the link you provided, but when I search using using your eBay ID, I don't see the item listed.

Stephanie said...

oups... Good that you tell me!! What a newb I am >_<
It's too late to change it, I thought it was something else...