Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apple Pie Prep' Board

Me again! :)
And with a new item on ebay, seem that nobody want to bid on the two which are already on ebay so I'm going crazy and put a third before the 2 other auctions end!
Seem that's it's seasonal, I also made an apple display, like Betsy ^^
Here is the item:

Trying to be a miniaturist is hard ...
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smehreen said...

Dear Stephanie:
please don't be disheartened if the bids don't go as high as you expected. With the current economic situation, many of us can't afford to spend as much as we would like on our hobbies :(... But your work is wonderful, and personally, it makes my day when I see photos of your new works on the blog! :D
Love and hugs,

Stephanie said...

Oh that's nice of you!
I was indeed a bit sad with my bread basket which went for very less, but well I suppose that's how it goes. Next time I will but the starting bid higher, that's the only way I'm sure I can get a "minimum" for my work :/

smehreen said...

Setting a reserve price, or a higher starting bid might be a good idea! :D I had to learn it the hard way when one of my dolls sold at a really low starting bid! Nowadays I set a reserve price which seems fair to me...if the doll sells I am glad; if not, I am still happy to have created something that made me happy :D

Stephanie said...

Well maybe I will do that too, I'm not a great fan of selling on ebay I really have to force myself :/
I'll see this week end what I will do :)