Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ôde à l'automne

I really love Autumn! The leaves become yellow and red, the forest is just a happy bunch of colored trees and it's not so warm. You can walk hours in the beautiful nature and it's also the time of apples! Well Autumn is my favorite season, just after winter :)
And because I'm so in love with autumn, I made two autumn cakes!
Here they are:

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smehreen said...

If I were any good at baking, I'd try to bake a real life version of the cake shown on top along with the frosted leaf cookies...wonderful use of the Fall theme!

By the way, I have to remark on your use of pastel backgrounds for the photos, instead of white...the background color really brings out the warm Autumnal colors of your cakes :)

Stephanie said...

Glad you noticed the background ^^ most of miniaturist use black or white and it's a bit out of nowhere. I prefer seeing a background ^^
I use often wood, because it's quite warm.

Thanks for the nice comment! I believe it would be a great real life size cake too!