Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hmmm waffles! I love them! Especially with fruits :) and chocolate or jam is great too on waffles haha! Anyway, I couldn't resist and made some in miniature.


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smehreen said...

Stephanie Dearest:
I just woke up a while back and was checking the blog when I saw the waffles...they actually made me hungry!
So, before I haul myself out of bed to get some breakfast, I wanted to congratulate you on yet another wonderful mini food creation!

Stephanie said...

*grin* never go on a minifood blog BEFORE eating haha!
Thanks for your nice comment :P

smehreen said...'s the perfect zero-calorie diet!

smehreen said...

I was following the auction...congratulations! :D

Stephanie said...

:D thanks! I was very happy too :P