Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oriental Cuisine ~ Kiva Atkinson

Feast your eyes on some of my favorite oriental delicacies created by artist Kiva Atkinson. For more of Kiva's mini food creations, visit:

Roasted Duck with Potato Dumplings and Beet Bundles

Chinese style Lemon Chicken and Steamed White Rice

Japanese Shrimp Tempura with crisp and flaky coating, served with steamed rice and dipping sauce

Japanese Mochi. It's a sweet that consists of pounded rice filled with sweetened azuki beans. The old way of doing this was actually pounding the cooked rice until the grains were indistinguishable. The patties are sprinkled with rice flour to keep them from sticking together. Sometimes they were filled with the sweet paste, sometimes not. These days, machines turn the rice into this glutinous condition, and the varieties and flavors are endless. One of artist Kiva Atkinson's personal favorites is the chocolate mochi filled with peanut butter! Then there are the fruit flavored ones. Her all-time favorite is called the chichidango. It has no filling, but the rice itself is sweetened, and it makes a wonderful chewy, sweet tidbit.


Debbie said...

Kiva, all your food looks fabulous..

Daisy Carpi said...

Its wonderful,perfect!

Living said...

Oh wow, you don't often see asian miniatures!