Monday, January 12, 2009

Sushi ~ Kiva Atkinson

A trip to the sushi bar, and you have more of Kiva Atkinson's famous sushi selections. Above, Japanese Saba (mackerel/skin on) sushi, served with the requisite ginger and wasabi.

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Kani (crab) sushi made with crab leg meat.

Japanese octopus sushi, also known as Tako.

Japanese daikon radish sprout sushi.

Japanese BBQ eel sushi, also known as unagi, or freshwater eel, as opposed to anago, which is ocean eel.

A dish of two kinds of sushi: sea urchin (uni) roe and salmon roe (the redder kind). On the side are wasabi and ginger.

Here are two kinds of tobiko (flying fish) roe, perfect for your Japanese scene, home or restaurant.

Japanese sushi plate, with bunny shaped ika/cuttlefish, using ginger and seaweed to decorate.

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