Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grapes ~ Teresa Martínez

A most wonderful thing happened today! When I checked my email this morning, I found the sweetest little email from artist Teresa Martínez of Spain along with a photo of the most luscious grapes. They remind me of the movie A Walk in the Clouds ...

To view more minis by Teresa Martínez, visit:

Here is the note Teresa sent me:

Hola Sumaiya.

Te adjunto una nueva foto, para que tu la pongas en el blog, tu lo harás mejor que yo. Cuando estaba haciendo esta miniatura me acordé de ti, ya que comentaste que es tu fruta preferida.

Es una composición de uvas Moscatel de Grano Gordo. sobre una portadora de uvas, muy utilizada en cataluña, en la recolección o vendimia. El racimo es grande, las bayas son de color dorado, gruesas, elípticas, de gran aroma y sabor. La pulpa es crujiente, carnosa y de débil adherencia al pedúnculo. Se destina, además de a uva de mesa, a la elaboración de uvas pasas y vinos dulces.

Espero que te guste.
Un beso.


Here is an approximate translation of the note:

Dear Sumaiya,

I enclosed a new photo, so that you could put it on the blog; you would do it better than I. When I was making this miniature, I thought of you, since you commented that it is your favourite fruit.

It is a composition of Moscatel de Grano Gordo grapes in a type of basket widely used in Catalonia during the harvesting of grapes. The bunch is large, the berries are of golden color, fat and elliptical, with great aroma and flavor. The pulp is crunchy, fleshy and with little adhesion to the stem. In addition to being served at the table, they are also used in the preparation of sweet raisins and wine.

I hope you like it.
A kiss.


Snowfern said...

holy hot tamales, those are GORGEOUS!!!

if there wasn't a hand there for scale, i wouldn't have guessed they were minis ! *jaw drops*

Stéphanie Kilgast said...

Those are the most perfect grapes I saw! (and I saw a bunch of mini grapes :P)
Sumaiya, I guess you must be in heaven ;)

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I am so happy that she remembered my favorite fruit :D

Joana said...

Teresa, those are the most amazing grapes I've EVER seen!! :O

What a beautiful work!!

Debbie said...

Beautiful work, they look so real..

Linda Carswell said...

Absolutely amazing, perfect, wonderful, brilliant...WOW!!!! Now that's an artist!!!!!!!

Leo Furtado said...

Que belo trabalho!!!

Eva said...

Absolutely great!!
Teresa, te ha quedado insuperable, es precioso

kimsminiatures said...

Lovely Teresa...You should be proud. They look so real.

George the Miniguy said...

Not only are the grapes beautiful, but the presentation of them is magnificent. I love the addition of the leaves and the basket. Did Teresa say what materials she used to create the grapes and/or the leaves? I'd love to know! Thank you for sharing with us.

Teresa Martínez said...

Gracias por sus comentarios.
Me complace que les hayan gustado.
El material con el que estan realizadas, tanto las uvas como las hojas, es polymer clay.

Cherryberry said...

Teresa, I am speechless! These are the most realistic looking grapes I have seen! They look so fresh and ripe. I can only dream of creating work as wonderful as this.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

George, the grapes and leaves are polymer clay :)