Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jelly Bellys! By Cherryberry ~ Kerry Alexander

This is my first time posting so I'm new to all this. I normally keep my head down and make my miniatures for sale and specials orders but I've finally come out of my shell to post something!!
This is a special order I completed a couple of weeks ago. It's a jelly bean candy shop wall unit and lollipop stand complete with it's very own Mr J Belly ;o)


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linsminis said...'s wonderful! I can't imagine having to make all those jelly beans..please tell us that you didn't make them one x one!!

Cherryberry said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you! Yep, I rolled out and shaped each and every bean by hand and by the end I had serious cramp in my hands! But it was worth it and the lady who now owns it all was very happy (thank goodness!)

Anonymous said...


That is absolutely seeing some more contemporary food items.

Great job

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Rolling each jelly bean by hand! That's true dedication!

kimsminiatures said...

So so wonderful Kerry! That is a big job but it looks awesome. Love your creations. Mini hugs!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

By the way, I love the rhyming title :D

Dlsarmywife said...

Simply amazing! All your work should come out of hiding more frequently! :-)

Mags Cassidy said...

Absolutely fabulous, Kerry.

Mels Miniatures said...

Hi Kerry,

I've got one word, FABULOUS! WHat did you use for the containers? They are great!

Michele said...

I think this came great!! Ok, I just have to long did this take???? I can hardly make one bunch of grapes without a cramp. Your patience is amazing!!

Betty said...

Awesome miniature Kerry! Wow and I thought I was crazy with making rice by hand. Jelly beans must be many times harder and they are all so perfect!

Cherryberry said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely compliments you've put a smile on my face :o)!!
It took about a week to make the jelly beans themselves (about 4-5hours each day).
The tubes are made from my son's toy packaging, so it's a good job he's likes Ben10!! It's the clear plastic you get off toys packets, I cut it to size then folded each tube round into a semi circle,fitted the beans and fixed the tubes into the wall unit.
It only took a couple of hours to make the Mr Jelly Belly on the lolly stand and to paint him on the panels.The beans were definately the most time consuming.Oh did I forget to say that I also had a very stiff neck and crossed vision by the end!! LOL!!!