Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Salmon ~ Linda Cummings

Above: Salmon steaks cooked in rich hollandaise sauce garnished with lemon twist, served in an aged enameled dish.

Below: Atlantic salmon tail with steaks, vine tomatoes, celery & peppers. Although this photo doesn’t show it, the seeds are visible in the red pepper.


Linda Carswell said...

Your food is wonderful!!! Even the way you describe each dish makes my mouth water!!!

Your No.1 fan!!!

kimsminiatures said...

So wonderful always Linda. Mini hugs!

PAKY said...

that's incredible!! salmon looks like completely real.You are a great artist!

Anonymous said...

I love your minis Linda! Just so realistic and delicious. I'm in awe as always xxx

Kerry Alexander

linsminis said...

Thanks Ladies! I'm just doing something that I really, really enjoy! I'm just so happy that others enjoy it too! Kerry....are you in the good old NE too? If so, we should try to meet up!
Loads of mini hugs to all!!