Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrating the Works of Mary Eccher

Today marks the first anniversary of The Mini Food Blog, and I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate the day to artist Mary Eccher, whose enthusiastic desire to share her knowledge is an inspiration to the spirit of The Mini Food Blog.

To connoisseurs of miniature collectibles, Mary Eccher is known as a pioneer in the field of dollhouse scale miniature food. She was a member of NAME's Academy of Honor, and an Artisan member of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans. She also served as a member of the I.G.M.A. board for six years, and was active in both CIMTA, the Cottage Industry Miniaturist Trade Association, and MIAA, the Miniatures Industry Association of America.

I was introduced to the works of artist Mary Eccher quite by chance, when I stumbled upon a few of her mini creations on eBay last year. Intrigued, I looked her up on Google, and came across her website Pannikins by Mary Eccher. Mary's Menus is a veritable treasure trove for mini food artists! To view these articles where Mary shares her techniques for polymer clay and resin food creations, visit:

"The secret to Mary Eccher's success as one of the miniature world's best-known creators of authentic foods and beverages is that she truly loves to cook. It's the reason her work can be found in miniature settings all over the world."
~ Pannikins by Mary Eccher

Above: Turkey with String Beans and Handmade Serving Bowl with Veggies (1986). These are the photos I saw on eBay that introduced me to the works of Mary Eccher. A special thanks to Mr. Jack Klapp for his kind permission to use the photos.


kimsminiatures said...

Oh Mary's work is so wonderful. I have a treasured basket of strawberries and a couple other miniature goodies done by her. She is so missed. This is so nice to think of her Sumaiya! Mini hugs!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I wish I had known her ... :)