Friday, May 22, 2009

Duck! ~ Kiva Atkinson

A few of my favorite Chinese style duck preparations from the kitchen of Kiva Atkinson ...

Roast Duck Buns: These buns (bao) are steamed, then filled with slices of Peking duck, crispy skin and all, along with slivers of green onion, and served with hoisin sauce to smear on the buns.

Duck Noodle Soup: Noodles in a rich broth, garnished with greens and chunks of those delicious roasted ducks you see hanging in Chinatowns everywhere!

Peking Duck served with light pancakes, slivered green onions and hoisin sauce that go with the slices of crisp skin and meat.

For more of Kiva's mini food creations, visit:


Snowfern said...

absolutely mouthwateringly wonderful!

i am always floored by Kiva's work. man! gotta get me some duck rice later.....:X

Daisy said...


World Complaint said...

crispy duck is the most delicious thing. Still remember my first on in NYC Chinatown!