Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Mdm Ang ~ Shannie Ong

Oh~ as I'm busy with school recently and have no time for my own MiNiz making, I’ll continue with sharing on the MiNiz craftwork made by other miniaturist to you!

Now presenting to you Mdm Ang’s miniatures!
She does great MiNiz and I’ll visit her whenever I’m free to see her new creations and will be tempted to get those MiNiz home =P
I actually took those shots of her MiNiz (of course with her permission =P) when I last visited her, as her Yahoo blog was closed too.

Some snapshots of the Singapore delicacies that she made: Curry fish head(yUm!), fish ball noodle and roasted duck…(Are you starting to feel hungry...?=)

Shannie =)

You can check out her shop @
Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street #01-75
Singapore 189652


View her works on Flickr:

You can view some of her previous works here:


For miniatures by Shannie Ong, visit:

1 comment:

Oiseau deNim said...

I just could not stand when seeing “won ton” and meatballs served with noodles.
It’s almost real!

To my surprise, I see my name on the cake. :X

Beautiful works!