Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tutorial: Leg of Lamb ~ Linda Cummings

Learn to make a carved leg of lamb on platter with artist Linda Cummings.


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

A tutorial?! Awesome! I'd love to see how she gets that cracklin skin to look that way!

Anonymous said...

I mean no offence... but as an admitted detail fanatic, I really wish that this leg of lamb was more realistic, in both fatty streaks and the notion that one could cut through a leg, with the bone in center, as smoothly as this platter portrays..the sliced portion doesn't seem to make in reality, such a blunt knife wouldn't be able to cut so cleanly..especially through a bone. Please excuse such an insult..I am a stickler to detail and authentic modeling.

linsminis said...

To Anonymous...pity you can't leave comments using your name! I'm always open to constructive this case though, the leg of lamb is not cut through the bone...the angle of the photo doesn't show the bone still in place & the cut slices are the actual ones cut out of the polymer joint before baking!

linsminis said...

Anon...forgot to say that:-
1) this is how a leg of lamb is traditionally cut &
2) take a look at the tutorial & then you will see how silly your comment about cutting through the bone actually is.....I also mean "no offence" & am also a "stckler to detail"!

Anonymous said...

Your picture is amazing and so is your tutorial.

I wouldnt of replied to annoymous, just not worth it.

Again, amazing pics.