Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet Valentine ~ Asuka Sakumo


Paris Miniatures said...

....I would happily go for a tiramisu, they look yummy!
And I love the hearts in the cream, I tried my best at it a few days ago, but it was very messy, went directly to the bin!!!
congratulations on the foamy effect, yum!!

linsminis said...

Lovely work Asuka! I love the chocolate chestnuts I hope they are chestnuts :-)) & the little hearts in the foam are a super touch! Mini hugs, Linda

Asuka Sakumo said...

wow, thank you Sumaiya fr featuring me again ^^

thank you Paris Miniatures!
Haha, I know exactly the feeling of wanting to throw the failed ones! (I just did with my 'older-later-can-use-but-in-the-end-never-use') LoL
But yours always mouthwatering and make me go º¬º

*hugs Linda
thank you... they are heart cookies (my pics are blurry XD)

Oiseau deNim said...

I envy you your imagination!
Happy New Year!!!

-> the Internet works now!