Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter ~ Vanesa Pizarro

My homage to Easter with a mini tour of typical Easter sweets in Spain ...

Torrijas: Typical homemade sweet made in central Spain, made of bread, milk, sugar, honey, vanilla and cinnamon. It is like French toast with a special bread.

Mona de Pascua: Bun made in the Mediterranean coast for Easter. It has boiled eggs on it; traditionally you break the egg on a friend's head to bring him/her good luck. It is delicious soaked in milk or chocolate. My Grandma who was from Alicante (Mediterranean coast) did the best ones I remember. Both my Mum and my Grandma are great cooks.

Mona de Pascua & Chocolate Easter Eggs: Very typical from Catalonia, these chocolate creations are made in all bakeries ... and of course chocolate Easter eggs!

Macarons: A little nod to the French dessert I adore since I discovered it on my first trip to Paris some time ago ... a little homage to Spring

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