Monday, April 12, 2010

Raspberry Gateau ~ Linda Cummings


kimsminiatures said...

Love it. So so wonderful Linda. I want a slice right now. I love pink cakes! Hugs~ kim

Kathy said...

Great work!

Deni said...

Oh My thats a delicious looking cake
Just love it, making me hungry now lol
Lovely job Linda!
Im thinking I need to work on my mini cale making skills just so I can pretend that I am going to eat a lovely cake!! lol
Just think No calories!

Laura said...

Hi nice to meet you from your miniature blog. I love all of your mini things. And this is my miniature blog (but all the chinese)!k4.wtCqeEQIxT_WWtR1Ija5c7_0-

we can have some exchange each other :)

linsminis said...

Thanks girls! & Lovely to "meet" you Laura! Your blog is super! Mini hugs, Linda

Oiseau deNim said...

I also like pink cakes! :P