Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday Cake ~ After Dark Miniatures

Today is my Birthday! Yay!
So, I just wanted to share the photos of the Birthday Cake made by Eve at After Dark Miniatures on occasion of The Mini Food Blog's Birthday in May. These were made after the contest, so they were not featured at that time, but it was so sweet of Eve to make a cake anyway to celebrate the event. Thank you Eve, and Thank You ALL for being with me on this mini food journey!


Veselina Koleva said...

Sumaiya, Happy Birthday! I wish you much joy, inspiration and enthusiasm for life! And thank you to lead us to this mini food journey, your wonderful blog has inspired me to start making mini food and I'm feeling very attached to it. I just wish you all the best :}

Cherryberry said...

Happy Birthday The Mini Food Blog! and congratulations to you Sumaiya and the great sucess of your fabulous blog! And also for being very kind to me for featuring some of my work. This is what inspired me to start my own blog so truely I thank you. Here's to lots more birthdays!!!
Big mini hugs!
Kerry :) xx

Kerry said...

Hi Sumaiya,
Happy, Happy Birthday to you!! Thank you so much for creating this fantastic blog to showcase all the fabulous artisans out there in 'blogland'!! I wish you all the best for today & hope you get spoiled with lots & lots of lovely things, Have a fantastic day!! :o)
Mini hugs,

After Dark minatures said...

Thanks so much Sumaiya, I'm so glad you love the cake, may I wish you a very happy birthday!!

You inspired me into making my own blog too, so I have a lot to thank you for :)

Being as its your birthday, the next time I ship I will send you a special package, please send me your address in private, and your goodies will be on there way very soon ;)

Have a wonderful week!

Eve at After Dark Minis

kimsminiatures said...

Happy Birthday Sumaiya. I hope you have a very happy day. Hugs~ Kim

Eva said...

Happy birthday Sumaiya!!!! Have a great day!

Snowfern said...

ooooh Happy Birthday Sumaiya! ^ ^

Oiseau deNim said...

Dear Sumaiya,
You make The Mini Food Blog so rich and inspirational. Thank you for bring us such wonderful blog!

Wish you happiness today and always!

Oiseau :)

Mari@ said...

Happy Birthday Sumaiya and thank you for your blog! Buon Compleanno!! :o)

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Sumaiya. I hope your having a wonderful day..xxx

Bridget said...

A very happy birthday to you!! I hope it is a very enjoyable one.

The Mini Food Blog is fabulous. It is such a wonderful blog full of true art and inspiration!

Ann said...

The details are just amazing. Thanks for introducing us to Eve! I am going to follow her blog now..

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Happy Birthday Sumaiya! What lovely treats you have there to celebrate. Just gorgeous! Hope you get the chance to have some real cake as well. LOL Have a wonderful day!

Tiny Delights said...

Happy Birthday Sumaiya!!! I wish you all the best.
And thank you for mini food blog :)


Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Muchas felicidades Sumaiya !!!

Paris Miniatures said...

Hi Sumaiya, a very Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!:)

Asuka Sakumo said...

Happy birthday Sumaiya!!!
Wishing you all the best :)

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::: PetitPlat Food Art ::: said...

Ooooh!! Happy Birthday! (belated yes ok)

My birthday is the 19th :)
Hope you had a wonderful day!


Hanna said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you will have a lovely day!

miniature wonderland said...

Happy belated birthday Sumaiya...!! wishing you all the best!!

jocelyn teo said...

I shall try to say something different besides happy birthday.. hmmmm.. -thinks hard.

Okay never mind, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUMAIYA! :)

You've done a great job showing our works to the rest of the world through your wonderful site, and I wish you health and happiness! :)

Rosa-kreattiva said...

anche se un pochino in ritardo tanti auguri di buon compleanno anche da parte mia, spero che trascorrerai delle vacanze molto belle ciaooo

Kikka said...

Hi! Absolutely stunning cakes and Lots of Happy Birthdays to come!