Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank You Eve!

These photos are long overdue! This fabulous cheese tray is a gift from Eve of After Dark Miniatures. I am a big fan of cheese in real life, so this is just perfect!

I had not gotten the chance to photograph it until the winter break ... so here it is!

For more minis by Eve at After Dark Miniatures, visit:


Catherine said...

I love her fruit and cheese boards. This one is abundant which is how I think they should look. Lucky you! It is perfect. :-)

After Dark Minatures said...

Thank you so much Sumaiya :)

I'm very glad you love the cheese board and its in its new home, I will send you a new one soon too if you like, as I happen to have some new ones in the making.

Its just been so busy with Christmas, everything is taking much longer than usual, I haven't even posted on my own blog let alone much else lol!

I love coming to read your blog, I visited mostly every week, but over the Christmas holidays I missed dropping by, so I will try to come by more often to say hello now.

Thanks again Eve at After Dark Minis.

Michelle's Mad World said...

I love Eve's work and own a few different pieces. Everything looks so real! The cheese board etc is great example of her just wonderful! I hope to own more of her work. :o)

Michelle xx