Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Feast ~ Bridget Aul

Happy Easter, everyone! I always look forward to Easter every single year — it's always a happy and joyful day, even if the sky is gray!

I would like to share some happiness with you during this Easter season by posting some photos of my simple Easter feast.

An eye level shot of the meal.

Just some toasty baguettes to go along with our Easter this year. :)

Ham! Yes, we have it every Easter, but I do not particularly love it.

A close-up of a loose bun.

A basket of hot cross buns without currants. Looks like some cheerful eggs made their way into the basket as well!

Three hot cross buns with currants.

Delicious and colorful Easter bread.

An aerial shot.

The penny shows how exactly mini these minis really are.

It's always an Easter tradition on the Polish side of my family to have paska bread for Easter. Of course I couldn't help but try to make it in miniature! You can see a cross on top of the paska bread as well. Not too shockingly awful for a first try.

One little hot cross bun.

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Eva - tatalamaru said...

Que bien te quedan todos los pastelitos, dan ganas de comérselos. Besos