Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Laduree Macaron ~ Stephanie Kilgast

For more minis by Stéphanie Kilgast, visit:
Etsy: petitplat.etsy.com
Flickr: flickr.com/photos/_sk
Website: www.petitplat.fr
Blog: petitplatbysk.blogspot.com


Plushpussycat said...

So delicate, pretty, and colorful!

Nabby said...

Lovely!! :)
Stephanie makes sooo cute things.

Jill said...

Those are so incredible~ perfect textures and lovely colors! I love those!

Garden of Miniatures said...

These are really delicious !Jeannette

giselle said...

omg i dont know how you do it but this is just so cute and perfect!
looks so real and makes me wanna eat them;p