Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tutorial: Pie ~ Mary Eccher

Fimo - ochre, transparent,  terra cotta
Sculpey - white
Artist's Chalk - ochre
Polymer Compound Resin (2-part kit such as Envirotex-lite)
Yellow Transparent Resin Dye
Ground Cinnamon
Fimo Matte Lacquer
Miniature Pie Tin
Paper Cup, Stirring Stick, Toothpicks
X-acto Knife

Mix pie crust color by kneading together a small amount of white Sculpey with just a bit of ochre Fimo.  Roll a ball sized to fit into your pie tin and to rise slightly above it.  Press in pie tin and shape top of pie toward center with your fingertips. Trim where necessary.  Cut the point off a toothpick and use this to flute the edges of your pie.  Cut five slits in top of pie with X-acto knife. 

Bake in oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes.  While still warm, cut a piece out of pie (the size of two mini slices) with X-acto knife.  Set aside to cool.

To attain a "baked" pie look, rub on ochre artist's chalk, then paint pie with Fimo matte lacquer.

For Apple Pie Filling:

Knead a tiny bit of ochre Fimo into transparent Fimo and roll a snake about 1/16 inch in diameter.  Then roll about 8 tiny "raisins" from terra cotta Fimo.  Bake as above, then slice snake diagonally into apple slices.

Using polymer compound resin (2-bottle kit), pour a small amount 1 part resin to 1 part catalyst into paper cup.  Add just a tiny touch of yellow transparent dye and a bit of ground cinnamon.  Stir Thoroughly.  Carefully pour resin mixture from the tip of toothpick, drop by drop, into the cutout in pie.  Sprinkle in apple slices and raisins, and arrange gently with a toothpick, bringing your "filling" up the sides of the cutout. Let harden overnight. 

Variations of pies are just a matter of changing the fillings...that is, different color Fimo for fruit, etc./different color dye added to the resin.

Blueberry Pie - Roll tiny blueberries from royal blue Fimo with a touch of black Fimo kneaded into it/blue transparent dye added to the resin.

Cherry Pie - Roll tiny cherries from red Fimo/red transparent dye added to the resin.

Mince Pie - Roll thin snakes of various shades of browns/amber transparent dye with a touch of black opaque color added to the resin.

And on from there, for lemon, strawberry, peach...etc.  Have fun!

To view more tutorials by Mary Eccher, visit:  
Website: pannikins.homestead.com/new.html


The grandmommy said...

They all look delicious! Thanks for the tutorial.

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Hummm, delicious! Thanks for the tutorial and the link

Deni said...

that is a gorgeous pie!
Oh I must make one seeing as you have told me how! now if I can just find the time!