Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Welcome! ~ Marcella Perodo

Welcome to this nice little blog!

While our dear landlady is busy studying for her graduation (WTG Sumaiya!), I'm only too honoured to kick it off.
Here are some of the new things I've been working on.

A cheese board. I made the decal that reads *Pane & Formaggio*, that is Bread 'n Cheese :)

A veggie pizza. Angie Scarr's canes are truly wonderful!

Some more pizzas, just delivered :)

Ravioli dressed with sage butter.

Mixed berries blancmange. Bon appetit.


smehreen said...

Dear Marcella:

What a splendid start to our blog! Thank you! :D

I love cheese...I am crazy for cheese! And the pizza! And the luscious blancmange with berries!

Oh my! This blog will always make me hungry :D

milo said...

thanks to you, Sumaiya!

Kellie said...


Is how you made the decal for your bread and cheese board a trade secret or will you share how to do it? It looks really good!

milo said...

No Kellie, just plain decal paper for inkjet printers and a bit of photoshop ;) I chose to do the writing in brown so that it could look like it was woodburnt. Just remember to spray the decal with acrylic sealer before putting into water, as inkjet inks are not waterproof. Easier said than done :)