Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Frost is on the pumpkins...NOT

With the mercury creeping ever higher, I find my thoughts turning to cool, crisp fall days. Of course here in Hawaii there are no cool, crisp fall days. Still I like to pretend and it helps to be able to cast my gaze on miniature versions of iconic autumnal bounty...that and cranking up the A/C.

This was my first attempt and working with resin. It is icky, sticky, foul smelling stuff, but MAN is it cool! I definitely want to try my hand at more resin. Imagine the possibilities!

Here are some of my pumpkins and produce featured on a Thanksgiving prep table that I made a year ago. I like adding a light dusting of yellow/green pastel to my poly clay veggies before I bake them. It gives them a natural hue and a more matte finish. A glaze can always be added if you want more shine.

I made many of the things on the table, but cannot take credit for the cabbage. I don't remember the name of the maker, but is it not exquisite? Oh if only to be able to make a cabbage on par with that one!


milo said...

that tub with the apples is gorgeous! as is everything else :) I know what you mean about resin, we simply can't do without it however smelly and potentially harmful (it's occurring to me that this could refer to other addictions too but I prefer not to dwelve into it ;)

smehreen said...

I never tried working with resin, although I have been hoping to use it to make an aquarium...can't seem to find the courage to start. :(

linsminis said...

Love the bobbing apples! Resin is great..sticky, yucky smelly stuff, but great uses..just make sure you have plenty of acetone to clear up later!