Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pizza and beyond :) ~ Marcella Perodo

I can't seem to stop making pizza - as if I did not have other food to make! From tonight, the pizzeria is closed. On to other things!

(you can find more pizzas on my blog. Because you know, too much of a good thing....... ;)

This is my *usual* tossed salad, in a beautiful mouth-blown glass bowl.
I like the fact you can see the contents from the sides as well.

A venture into the cake world, where I'm always feeling a bit uneasy.
But this pear tart (with frangipane filling and candied peel as a garnish) was calling me....


Kellie said...

Milo your lettuce is uncanny. Whatever do you use?

smehreen said...

I know! The salad looks so crisp and realistic, the colors are right on!

...I wouldn't know from the photos that you are new in the field of desserts! I wish I could have a piece of that pear tart! Looks delicious!

milo said...

Kellie I use plastic snow.... an old trick learnt from Tiny Talk mailing list :)

Sumi, thank you :*