Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Question from Amelia

Got an email from Amelia yesterday, who has some questions about silverware and dinnerware...

I recently saw your blog when researching ideas for my own miniature food. I was amazed! You and your co-authors have done a fabulous job! I am inspired. In fact, I think I will go make something right now!
I also have a few questions. Firstly, do you make your own silverware or plates? I'm trying to find a good tutorial or instructions and figured you may know where to find one. And if you don't, where do you get them?

Thank you for your time,

If you want to share your tips on buying or making silverware and dishes, please post a comment on the blog. You can also contact Amelia directly at and don't forget to include the word "DOLLHOUSE" in the subject line!


linsminis said...

Amelia, there is going to be a tutorial on CDHM by Betsy Niederer, IGMA Fellow on 2nd August, I think on how to make plates! I tend to get my silverware cutlery from Dolls house emporium in UK & most of my platters are Falcon Collectibles. Sellers like Barblip & Lacyhomeforboys on eBay are a good source, as is Cotton Ridge Designs. Hope this helps, mini hugs, Linda

smehreen said...

I have bought dinnerware from Manor House Miniatures ( in the past. Look out for their fabulous Weekly Specials!