Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Question About Flowers

Yesterday a reader of the blog asked the following:

Hello again, I do not know who I'm writing to now, but I wanted to ask a question. Does anybody can recommend me a good "how to book" For making miniature flowers?
Because I see those wonderful flowers on all kids of blogs but how do I make them? Yesterday I made some cabbages and I am pleased about them. I am so addicted already.
Bye :)

If anyone has suggestions, please do leave a comment!


Debbie said...

Found this on the web, if it's any help. There are leaf printies and how to's on there.

Debbie said...

Also found a book called Making Miniature Flowers with Polymer Clay by Barbara Quast. Available on Amazon.

pussman said...

Thanks a lot! I ordered that book on Amazon, I baked more cake.s today, not so big as the first ones, Will post them on my blog tomorrow.

The Carolina Quilter said...

If you make flowers from polymer clay, having a pasta maker to roll it out thin and Kemper cutters or flower shaped paper punches (you have to dust the clay and cutter with corn starch) helps alot. I've used a round paper punch to make paper roses and glued them to wire cupping the circle and rolling the edges back slightly. Some flowers can be made with tissue paper. There is also a method using thin gold wire and fingernail polish. Some of the mini doll makers on the MSAT list use this to make flowers for hats and bouquets. Hope that helps some.

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Anonymous said...

Go to :