Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day Bake Table ~ Donna Hager

Valentine's Day Bake Table by Donna Hager. To view Donna's blog, visit: Presenting, in her words, the story behind the Valentine's Day Bake Table:

For the last week, I have been playing with polymer clay making little cupcakes, candies and tarts. It is all trial and error for me. I threw away quite a few little cupcakes as I was having trouble frosting them without getting the frosting all over the bottom of the cupcake.

This dark chocolate heart shaped cake is topped with pretty roses. The candy in the dish is just little pieces of leftover clay.

I made the pretty white cake topped with roses yesterday. I tried to blend the clay to give the petals of the roses a variagated look.
I am having so much fun working on my bakery that I have been neglecting my actual "job" of making bears!

~ Donna Hager.


Debbie said...

Donna it all looks fantastic..

kimsminiatures said...

Very Yummy Donna!!!

PAKY said...

Your cakes looks delicious!! A beautiful table for a beautiful St. Valantine's Day. Congratulations for your work

Gardens Of Utopia said...

Wow just amazing. It makes me want to buy a doll house and fill it up with polymer goodies.