Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the Mini Food Blog! Let me begin by thanking all the artists for sharing your works on this blog. Also, thanks to all the readers for keeping me company for the last four years. Last week the Mini Food Blog reached 1500 Followers, which makes me extremely happy!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Susan Eccher, daughter-in-law of artist Mary Eccher, for her contribution to the Mini Food Blog collection. Last year, Susan came across the article I had dedicated to the memory of Mary Eccher on the first anniversary of this blog. She was touched by the tribute, and sent me a number of Mary Eccher's miniatures as gift. I never dreamed of owning Ms. Eccher's works in my collection ... these minis will always remain close to my heart.

With a five-month-old at home, I have not had much time for miniatures. Today I finally took a few photos of Ms. Eccher's minis to share on the blog on this special occasion. There are a few more items in the collection that have not been photographed.

You can learn more about the artist at Pannikins by Mary Eccher. Mary's Menus is a veritable treasure trove for mini food artists! To view these articles where Mary shares her techniques for polymer clay and resin food creations, visit:


mijbil said...

Many congrats! :D

Kikka said...

Congrats on the Anniversary!

PetitPlat Miniature Food - Stephanie Kilgast said...

Happy blog-anniversary :)


Eva said...

Congrats Sumaia!!!
I will send you right now a picture by email to celebrate the blog birthday!! ☺

Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful minis with us. 1500 followers is mighty impressive! :D


Barbara said...

happy birthday
bon anniversaire merci pour le partage de toutes ces richesses !

franchise brisbane said...

Congratulations! 4 years is not small thing, its a lot of work and time. But there is success also :)

Nayab said...

congratulations to the Mini Food blog family on it's 4th birthday.

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

Congrats on the 4th anniversary of your great blog, Sumaiya, which I adore visiting so much :))

Beverly said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Sumaiya! Also, thank you for sharing your poignant treasures.

The Duke of Swann said...

This is an amazing post. i cannot believe how realistic it all is. Wow!!